Just like any other liquors, Tequila too has a lot of variations depending upon the type and brand and many can be found at virtually any worcester hotel. Even though this alcoholic beverage may be the fire that powers youth parties and margaritas, a lot of people are not aware of its complexities. Tequila has a rich and proud history to bank on, just like other popular spirits like vodka, whiskey, etc. There are two basic categories into which tequila are usually divided 100 agave and mixtos. In case of mixtos tequila, a minimum of 51 agave is used and other sugars, including both glucose and fructose, are added to it to make it 100.

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Tequila is then bottled in five different categories


This is the most commonly used tequila. Also known as 'Plata', which means silver, Blanco is what we commonly know as white tequila. It is made from 100 agave tequila which has not been aged and is bottled up right after distillation or it can be aged for two months or less in a neutral oak barrel or stainless steel barrel. By nature this kind of tequila is very strong and is generally enjoyed in a shot glass or caballito. As for the flavor, it is that of blue agave.


This one is the gold-colored unaged 100 agave silver tequila that is mostly used for making Margaritas. Joven tequila can also be made with mixtos. The golden color of this young spirit comes from the oak barrels in which it has been aged. In some cases, additional color and flavoring agents like caramel, sugar syrup, glycerin, etc are also added to it. Joven tequila comes in a vast range of quality and is also known by its other names such as suave, abocado and gold.


Derived from the word 'repose' which means 'to rest', this one is rested tequila that has been aged for a minimum time period of two months. The maximum resting period in case of Reposado tequila is one year. The aging can be done in oak barrels of any size, as per one's preference and convenience. Because of the aging process, the tequila acquires a smooth taste, a pale color and a decent bouquet. This is a mild type of tequila and has the flavor of blue tequila.


This word 'Anejo' means aged or vintage. Anejo tequila is aged for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. The aging takes place in small barrels, which gives this type of tequila a distinctive oak flavor. As for the color, this one is amber in color and is made from 100 agave tequila.

Extra Anejo

If you like Anejo tequila but are not happy with its aging then you should opt for extra Anejo tequila. This kind of tequila is aged for a minimum of three years inside oak barrels and can be kept for up to eight years! It has a smooth and complex taste and is usually very expensive and dark in color.